Trina Jones

“I’ve been a client of Cynthia’s for many years now. Most recently, I exited a long-term relationship. If you are in need of counseling services, I implore you to trust Cynthia. She’s intuitive, insightful, influential, energetic, and she’s EXCEPTIONAL in her professional field. I am now eager to seek out new love! I trust Cynthia whole-heartedly, and in doing so I now embrace and live a more fulfilled and joyous life.”

Testimonial from Temby

John Hatanaka

“Cynthia’s expertise and professionalism is unequaled. Her knowledge has been priceless in being able to steer my life through good and bad relationships. Whenever I’ve thought that her knowledge was off I was quick to be corrected and her wisdom came to ring true. She is also very willing to follow up with her clients and takes special care to honor their needs individually. I think her influence will only continue to expand as time advances and I am excited to see how her methods continue to evolve. I am forever grateful for the relationship that has found me.”

Testimonial from Rob

Simone Butler

“I'm already getting some impressive results after doing the Heart Chamber work all week. I've been releasing a lot of anger around men, and last night I had the most incredible healing dream! You are providing such a unique and wonderful service - thank you so much!”

Testimonial From Christina Burruss

Kyle Piorkowski

“Thanks to Cynthia I was able to navigate through challenging energy accelerating my path in life exponentially. She has specifically been powerful in the department of relationship matters guiding me in the most practical ways via palm reading, oracle cards, and reflective conversations. We’ve even covered the interesting topic of feng shui together! I have exited toxic draining relationships and attracted more harmonious ones with Cynthia’s input and am becoming wiser each step of the way. I am forever grateful for her soul, friendship, and healing clairvoyance.”

Sherry Richert Belul Testimonial

Liz Parsons

“What can I say about Cynthia…WOW! Cynthia is not only very knowledgeable in the art of reading and translating all the markings on your hands; she has an intrinsic knowing about virtues and lessons in life and you WILL be better for it.”

Sarah Testimonial


“I feel like the words ‘thank you’ will never be adequate to express just how grateful I am for all that you’ve done for me, helped me see, and allowed me to welcome into my life. Ever since we first met last summer, I’ve felt such positive, good energy increasing in my life. I can’t thank you enough for guiding me in this path and helping me along. You have a beautiful gift, and I am grateful you have chosen to share it with the world. Please continue to do so as much as you can! You have touched my life in profound and meaningful ways, and I am grateful for having met you. Blessings to you.”


“Thanks again for our great session and for listening to my ego challenges. I suddenly made a big shift this morning and have been able to see things more clearly and be back in my power, so whew!, another level of release and going higher. The gift of your energy merging with mine and All That Is – I think it could heal the whole world. So, really, there are no words for how much I appreciate who you are and that you’re in my life. Like I always tell you, you’re a force of nature. And I’m so blessed to work with you and see what miracles we can create together!”


“I write first to thank you so, so much for what you've done for me so far. Ever since our last meeting, when you reprogrammed my subconscious, my life has turned so many corners for the better. I feel so empowered, and at peace in accomplishing all the things that I always knew were mine, but had a hard time connecting to make them a reality. I'm honestly so grateful for having found you, and for your generosity in sharing your wonderful talent with the world. I feel so many good things coming my way with ease now.”

Emmanuel Rennes

“Cynthia is incredibly accurate in her compatibility assessment and she is passionate about helping others. She is a competent expert in health and wellness with very good values and that's why I absolutely recommend her services.”

Alison Donaghey

“I was fortunate to have Cynthia as a guest on my podcast Domino Thinking with Alison and was so impressed with her passion and knowledge I had a personal reading done and WOW she NAILED IT! I’ve had lots of readings done in the past but never like this. Scary accurate!! Highly recommend Cynthia in any capacity.”

Steve Hansen, Energy Kinesiologist

"Cynthia is a seasoned expert at helping to guide and heal people's lives. She seamlessly incorporates multiple modalities of healing and divination, including Reconnective Healing, Palmistry and many others. She has an in-depth, understanding of the art that's difficult to find. She has on multiple occasions, helped me to heal and gain a greater understanding of my healing path."

Tracey Burnett

"I was amazed! Cynthia used hand analysis to understand her clients. Cynthia was able to describe me, my personality type and how I operate so accurately. She was able to identify what is holding me back and where I can improve too. She also identified the type of person who would be an ideal match romantically. This analysis is a wonderful way to start a coaching relationship as it makes you, the client, feel totally understood right from the beginning of the relationship. Cynthia is such a lovely gentle person too. Totally wonderful experience!"