What do soulmates do for each other?

Think of each soulmate as having the specific key for the other to express the fullness of who they are by allowing them to heal the imbalances, which are just chosen lessons.
More Info: The soulmate is akin to the healing salve on a wound. When their energy is properly aligned and directed, they open the doorway for the soul to fully express him or herself. When the soulmates choose to consciously shift the energy it magnifies even more, and creates the energy to open the realm of possibility more easily. It is important to recognize imbalances in order to consciously work with them. The soulmate holds the key to healing and learning. For example, let’s take a look at the imbalance of the Chariot archetype. Chariot archetypes fear that their actions don’t matter. They feel that they are a waste of time and ineffective. This represents the subconscious imbalance of the Chariot archetype. Their inner motivation is making a difference through action. Therefore, when a Chariot connects with their soulmate, the soulmate opens up the ability to feel like they are making a difference.