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How to Work with Cynthia
Are you highly motivated to find soulmate love fast and are willing to put in the TIME, EFFORT and INVESTMENT to get there as fast as possible? Cynthia only has a few spots available to work with people one-on-one because her personal time is her most precious commodity. To be considered, please sign up for a quick chat to determine if working with Cynthia is a good fit for you. Her coaching package requires a minimum of 6 months and going through her Ignite Soulmate Love Program. If you’re serious about up-leveling your relationship energy, please sign up below to chat with Cynthia:

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Are you interested in having your palms read? Cynthia offers 60 and 90 minute readings to assist you in understanding your true self through exploration of your palms. Discover information such as your purpose, relationship genius, emotional system, potentials, heart chambers, compatibility and more. 60 minute sessions are $175 and 90 minute sessions are $250. Sessions available worldwide and are completed by phone or via Zoom conference.

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