Pick Your Perfect Partner Course

You will finally have the tools to really know who is your perfect and who is not, just by looking at their hands!
Pick Your Perfect Partner
Do you struggle with any of the following?

    • Attracting the wrong partner over and over again

    • Getting stuck with “fatal attractions” who seem like the dream partner at first, then turn into someone else completely

    • You just don’t know who is best for you for in the long-term

    • You feel disillusioned by the whole dating scene

    • You’re frustrated with how much time and emotional investment you have already put in to finding your perfect match

    • Dating feels too much like a job

    • You’re overwhelmed by the whole situation

    • You’re too busy to keep wasting your time with poor choices

soulmate support

Your Perfect Partner can finally be identified, through your very own hands!
Your hands hold the keys to unlocking details about your soulmate match that no other type of system can do. The hands are the reflection of every aspect of your self, and they reflect in a way that is tangible and measurable.




This Course Will Teach You:

    1. The science of soulmates – how a soulmate relationship differs from other relationships

    2. Cornerstones of a great relationship – you will learn the 8 keys to Identifying a great relationship so that you will know what to look for in your perfect partner

    3. The four primary personality types -- which one you are and who is your best match

    4. The four personality perspectives – these are measured through your fingers, discover your strong finger, what it means and who is your best match

    5. Your emotional system – what are the four emotional types and how these affect not only how much you feel, but how you express those emotions and which type is your best match

    6. Giving versus Receiving – learn how to identify these two essential pieces in yourself and others

    7. Sensitivity – discover the four different levels of sensitivity, learn about yourself and others

    8. The entire Palm-Tarot Profiling System – Learn about the 22 Personality Archetypes in detail

    9. Identify your perfect partner – his or her traits, how to identify red flags, or imbalances

    10. Who is your opposite type – why you may be attracted to him or her

    11. Who is your “fatal attraction” – what this means and what to avoid

    12. How to set new intentions for yourself – and set yourself up for success and confidence in your relationship

No More Guesswork!

How The Course Is Structured

soulmate support

You will have access to this course, online, forever, once your purchase it. Course work will be delivered in 8 Modules. Lessons will unlock each week until the completion of the course. There will be videos, pdfs and calls-to-action throughout the course, making it easy to learn and easily digestible. You will have access to a member’s only site to access the material.

Module 1: The Soulmate System

Module 2: Emotional System

Module 3: Fire Archetypes

Module 4: Air Archetypes

Module 5: Water Archetypes

Module 6: Earth Archetypes

Module 7: Double Element Archetypes

Module 8: Putting It All Together

Cynthia Clark, AuthorAbout your instructor:

Cynthia Clark has worked with thousands of individuals and couples over the past 10 years. She went through her own divorce trauma after 19 years of marriage, then selected some poor relationship choices before finding and marrying her soulmate in 2017. She understands first-hand the frustration of looking for the right partner. As a palm reading expert, she is an advocate for the science and validity of this ancient study and is always contemplating how to assist people with it. In 2017, she published the book, Stories in Your Hands: Discover Your Authentic Destiny Using Palmistry and Tarot. The material in this book lead her to fine-tune her knowledge of personality archetypes and how they interact in intimate relationships. Her Soulmate System is unique, accurate and highly useful in getting to know someone at a much deeper level much more quickly. She is passionate about empowering others with this information to assist them in understanding and ultimately attracting their soulmate relationship.

$497 for the Course or 3 Installments of $189

3 Payments $189/month

Satisfaction Guaranteed: If you are not satisfied with the course within the first 7 days, you are entitled to a refund. After 7 days, no refunds will be accepted.