Features of Our System
What You Can Expect From Love in Your Hands

Love in Your Hands is at the cutting edge of soulmate science. We are committed to assisting you in clarity, alignment and opportunity to find and keep long-lasting love. You will not find any other program like ours. We are not about superficial connections or trial and error dating. We are your fast-track to real, deep, soulmate love.

When you find someone who is deeply compatible with you, a soulmate match, you can experience a love that is more passionate, that flows more easily, that ex-pands you to grow and evolve not just in your relationship, but also in your life and purpose. A soulmate match helps you to grow and evolve in ways that other rela-tionships don’t. If you are READY for this type of connection, we invite you to join us!

How We Assist You in Finding Love
  1. We offer a platform to meet other singles using our Soulmate Code System
    • Our Soulmate Code System uses the science of palmistry — Palm reading has been around for at least 5,000 years as a useful tool to assist you in understanding more about yourself. Your hands are mirrors to who you are in all aspects of your life. Relationship archetypes form on your hand by the time you are six years old. You begin by uploading a digital photo of your hand to immediately discover your archetype. The founder, Cynthia Clark, put together this system after analyzing thousands of hands and recognizing the archetypal patterns in the hand shapes.
    • Our Soulmate Code System uses astrology — Modern astrology has been around for at least 2,000 years and tells us about our human nature based upon our birth date and location and correlating that to the location of the stars, planets and other heavenly bodies. Compatibility is one component of astrology.
    • Our Soulmate Code System uses Chinese astrology — Chinese astrology has probably been around since 2500 BCE, although its origins are not completely clear. It uses the lunar calendar to help you understand your relationship with yourself and others. There are 12 animals, each correlating to a different lunar year. This further helps you determine compatibility with others.
  2. Verify compatibility with others. Inside our membership, you can upload other people’s hands to determine their relationship archetype. All you need is a digital photo of their hand.
  1. Get answers to any relationship questions. Inside our membership, you have access to our relationship card deck, an oracle deck of 72 relationship cards, created by the founder, to give you gentle guidance in all your relationship questions. Oracle cards have been around for hundreds of years as a way to receive intuitive direction so you can make better decisions in all of your relationships.
  2. Make real love success inevitable, not just another date or another disappointment. Don’t you deserve it?
9 Week Program
Our 9 week program helps you:
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Your soulmate journey begins with a FREE video training How to Find & Ignite Soulmate Love with founder Cynthia Clark. In this training, you will learn the secrets to igniting soulmate love and start raising your vibration today so you can get off the path of loneliness and frustration once and for all. Are you interested in exploring:
  • What is deep compatibility and why is it important?
  • What are the five things relationships actually offer us?
  • How is the way we look for love flawed?
  • What are the six keys to soulmate attraction?
  • What is the #1 thing we must have but most of us don’t even know it?
  • How can universal laws help us ignite soulmate love?
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