Love in Your Hands Mission
Love in Your Hands provides a platform for heart-centered singles to ignite soulmate love three times faster by going through our program using the world’s most accurate matchmaking system and the most effective spiritual tools and processes.
To have and experience soulmate love, Love in Your Hand’s one-of-a-kind program helps you
  • Know who you’re truly compatible with from a deeper level, we use tools using ancient sciences including palmistry, astrology and Chinese astrology in our unique algorithm to match you to someone from a subconscious and soul level rather than just a superficial level
  • Take the right steps to ignite love in your physical reality, we use a holistic approach using concepts from quantum physics and over 20 years of experience in energy healing techniques
  • Heal and love yourself, this is an essential part of the process so you can reach a potential partner of the highest quality and caliber, we guide you in processes that assist you in being kinder to yourself every day and recognize when you’re not
  • Raise your vibration in order to connect to the cosmic heart — your vibrational energy entangles with others and it’s important to know and balance your own heart chambers so you can be a soulmate partner for someone else as much as they are for you
  • Learn your lessons of past relationships so you don’t attract the same type of inappropriate partner again — you came to Earth to learn lessons and grow as a spiritual being. Relationships bring soul growth, but it’s not always fun or easy, some lessons are incredibly painful and can take years to learn, especially on your own. When you recognize and learn your lessons, essentially you “graduate” from repeating them again, allowing you to create a new and more pleasurable experience with a soulmate partner
  • We believe that when people are with their soulmate matches, they expand love universally and also have a greater connection with the cosmic heart, giving them more compassion for others and more compassion for the planet