Individual Relationship Counseling


One-On-One Single Sessions

30 Minute Relationship/Compatibility Palm Reading — $250

Learn about your emotional system including who is your soulmate match, your great matches, your opposite, partner preferences, blockages and advice. You may also gain clarity around a specific relationship or any other questions you may have.

30 Minute: $250


30 Minute Relationship Tarot Card Reading — $250

Whether you would like clarity around an existing relationship or the potential of a new relationship, this card reading looks at your present love situation, your energy, your partner (or potential partner’s) energy, immediate future, how to improve your odds, what to let go of and your long-term potential future.

30 Minute: $250


60 Minute Palm & Tarot Love Reading - $497

Includes all of the above - in detail.

60 Minute: $497.00


Multi-Session Packages

All multi-session packages are customized for your needs, utilizing any of Cynthia’s modalities. It is not necessary to know what you need in advance, Cynthia will guide you through the process. Multiple sessions are recommended, since goals take time to process and achieve.

3 Session Package:

5 Session Package:

10 Session Package:


Ongoing Coaching/Healing:

Want even more assistance from Cynthia? Do you feel like you’re really struggling and need weekly support? Ongoing coaching may be the way to go. Cynthia will work with you every week, setting up custom protocols to assist you with your goals and desires. You will have access to all of Cynthia’s tools and expertise.

Monthly: $997.00/mo.