Soulmate Connection Membership

Find your soulmate match!
Soulmate Connection Membership

Are you looking for your soulmate? Have you tried online dating, but still aren’t sure if your matches are really matches?

The problem with online dating is that you are never sure if the other person is really telling the truth about who they are. Online dating can become cumbersome and more like a job than something enjoyable since you have to try to sort through truth from fiction. But hands don’t lie.

You can now find out your best matches using the science of your very own hands!

Palm reading has been around for thousands of years as a useful tool to assist you in understanding more about yourself.


And now, technology meets ancient science…


How Does It Work?

soulmate connection palm drawing

With your membership of only $14.99 per month (cancel anytime), you can submit your digital photo of your palm. The computer will analyze your palm to determine your primary archetype, your soulmate match, your great matches, good matches, fatal attraction and opposite match. You can submit as many photos as you like, discover yourself and your relationship potential with anyone.
Create a profile and connect with other members to find your matches. Already using other dating sites? No problem, just get the person’s hand photo and analyze it through your membership. Already in a relationship? Discover what your deeper compatibility is and how it may affect you so you can make it even better. Knowing your personality archetype helps you to be more authentic in your relationships.
Empower yourself with a great tool to assist you in knowing from a tangible, measurable perspective to see who your best matches are using the ancient science of palmistry.


Upgrade To Premium


Upgrade to Premium Membership anytime. Premium membership Includes:
Monthly Trinfinity8 Algorithmic Rejuvenation Group Session –
One group session for men and one for women, designed to help you feel desirable inside and out. This is another high-tech tool to assist you in your pathway. Please go to Trinfinity8 Packages to learn more about this amazing healing tool.
Monthly Group Coaching Session with Cynthia Clark –
Live group coaching gives you the chance to ask any question to Cynthia about anything. Ask about a specific hand to learn more or simply ask about a relationship or potential relationship. Cynthia will discuss relationship advice with the group.

Coming soon!
We are currently in beta test mode for this membership application, if you would like to participate in beta testing, please email us to be included. Scheduled launch is November 12th, please check back then.

PREMIUM Membership Price:  $97 / month

Or save when you sign up for 6 months (get 1 month free)

Regular Membership: $74.95 per 6 months

PREMIUM Membership: $485 per 6 months