Ignite Soulmate Love Program
The intention of this program is to assist you in all the areas needed to attract and keep long-lasting love. It can take up to four years or even longer to marry again after a divorce. What most people don’t realize is that if you don’t raise your vibration and evolve as a person, you will likely attract a partner who is not a true soul-mate match or you may stay lonely for many years. This is why online dating alone is not enough to find soulmate love.
A Message From Cynthia
I’ve researched human potential for over 20 years and have studied the works of thought leaders including Richard Unger, Joe Dispenza, Bruce Lipton, David Wilcock, Tony Robbins, Brendon Burchard, Lillian Too, Eric Pearl, Lynne McTaggart and many others. As an insatiable student of life (found in the tented arches of my fingerprints), I’ve applied lessons I’ve learned theoretically and put them into practice in my own life as well as given advice over the years to my clients. This program is the result of the last 20 years of my life and after studying over 7,000 pairs of hands. I am honored to be able to help you find true love because of my own soulmate journey. After a 19-year marriage ending in divorce, attracting a toxic rebound and finally remarrying my soulmate three years ago, I know what it takes to transform and truly create a life of love, passion and purpose. I also feel that life really does have more meaning when it’s shared with the right person. If you are looking to up-level your entire relationship life, you will find it in this program.
Our Program helps you in the following ways
Our 9 week program consists of five essential components
What You’ll Learn
  • Nuances of the Soulmate System
    • Recognize different relationship pathways
    • Discover the cornerstones of a great relationship
    • Learn from your past relationships so you don’t repeat lessons
    • Begin to work with the 6 keys to soulmate attraction
  • Recognize your deep compatibility and complete emotional sys-tem in a tangible way so you can use it for the rest of your life in any type of relationship
    • We teach you how to recognize all 22 relationship archetypes and the compatibilities of each one
    • We untangle the complexity of the emotional system through detailed analysis of your heart line, affection lines, mounts, skin texture, heart chambers and more
    • Recognize your ability to give versus receive
  • Set Powerful Manifestation Intentions
  • Dissolve all of your blocks to creating the soulmate relationship of your dreams
    • Cynthia takes you through the power of archetypal mudras, algorithmic rejuvenation, meditation, subconscious reprogramming and other effective exercises based on her 20 years of studying energy medicine, Qigong and modern advances
    • Cynthia has discovered 10 heart chambers reflected through the hands. By understanding and healing any blockages found here, you can increase your vibration to feel cosmic heart healing
  • Increase your power and confidence
  • Use the laws of the universe to your advantage to create soulmate resonance in your energetic field
    • Explore the laws of quantum physics including holistic and holographic concepts, discover how to manifest soulmate love in new ways
  • Learn powerful manifestation tools to activate love energy around you
  • Recognize and stop destructive relationship cycles
    • make toxic connections easier to spot so you can avoid painful mistakes and lots of wasted time with the wrong partner
  • Let go of past relationships in healthy ways as you raise your vibration
    • learn grieving and forgiveness techniques to let go once and for all, giving you freedom and lightness in your energy field
  • Connect to the cosmic heart and activate deeper states of love for yourself and others
Included in the Program: 4 Live Group Coaching Sessions
  • Join Cynthia every other week via Zoom
  • Get your questions answered
  • Dive deeper into the lessons
  • Surprises for showing up live, you never know what Cynthia will include!
Included in the Program: 5 Healing Hands Circle Group Intention Sessions
Manifesting your deepest desires is easier and more fun in a group setting. Studies have shown that group intentions help eve-ryone who participate. What you focus on expands and when a group focuses on a single intention together, it can be even more powerful and effective. Work with Cynthia in a group setting and co-create with like-minded people to manifest your soulmate into your life! Each session is customized based on who is in the group and set up in Zoom.

These intention sessions can help you:

  • Find True Love
  • Stop being lonely
  • Process pain
  • Heal emotional wounds
  • Allow forgiveness
  • Align with your higher self
  • Align with the power of love and compassion
  • Manifest your true love
  • Understand why you might be struggling
  • Set powerful intentions to create the life of your dreams
Included in the Program: Private Forum
Connect with other soulmate seekers in a safe, fun, private setting inside the program. Ask questions, set up your own intention circles and receive support from other like-minded individuals. Be part of a community!
Included in the Program: Soul Connection Membership (Lifetime access)
This is our dating platform where you will have the opportunity to meet other singles and discover deeply compatible partners. You get lifetime access included with the program.
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