Frequently Asked Questions
I’m looking for a soulmate, what do I do?
How is Love in Your Hands better than other sites or programs?
What if I feel like no matter who I meet, it seems like they always turn out to be a horrible relationship?
Are there better ways to give myself an edge in attracting long-lasting love?
How do I know who I’m really compatible with?
Do you teach your system? What if I want to start or enhance my relationship coaching practice?
What if I just want to get more dates?
Will my hands tell me when I’m going to get married and how many kids I will have?
Is using Tarot really an accurate way to get answers to my relationship questions?
What if I feel like I need even more support?
All these services sound great, is there a quick way for me to get started in all of them?
What kind of guarantees do you offer?
I don’t live in the United States, does that matter?