About The Modalities


Soulmate Support Modalities Cynthia uses a variety of tools to assist you in your soulmate pathway to help you get results. Cynthia has nearly 20 years of experience in energy medicine and over 10 years of experience as an intuitive life coach and certified palm reader. All of these tools she has used on herself and thousands of her clients. Some of them you may be unfamiliar with, because Cynthia operates on the cutting edge of metaphysical science and quantum physics. As a spiritual teacher, she integrates modalities in the most effective ways to expedite your healing, bring you clarity and remove your subconscious blocks to get you on track as fast as possible.


Palmistry has been around for over 5,000 years. By far the oldest modality, the hands reflect the soul, the personality and archetypal influences. In short, the hands are the road map to all aspects of a person. Palm reading is the most useful method to learn about who you are most compatible with and who you are not. Your entire emotional system is located in your hands. Cynthia uses it as a tangible, scientific methodology to guide you in soulmate awareness.


Based on your birth date, time and location, astrology provides many useful insights into understanding your celestial influences including soulmate details and compatibility.


Thousands of years old, Feng Shui is the ancient Chinese art of placement. When you change your environment, you change the energy of your situation. Using this technique to attract and enhance your intimate relationship is one way to assist you in reaching your soulmate goals.


Created by psychologist Kathy Forti from a near death experience, Trinfinity8 is an evolutionary tool. Using a high-tech computer program that delivers algorithmic rejuvenation technology directly to the body through numeric binary code, this service assists with a number of physical and emotional issues. Cynthia has created multiple healing protocols with this program to assist you in your soulmate pathway.

PSYCH-K  Subconscious Reprogramming

This technique is designed to assist you in removing subconscious blocks and reprogramming your brain to align with your goals. Cynthia has assisted people in issues relating to healing past relationships, pregnancy issues, loneliness, self-worth and more. This technique was started by a psychologist more than 30 years ago.


Discovered by Dr. Eric Pearl, a chiropractor, in the late 90s, this form of energy healing works directly with the body’s DNA to bring light and information to facilitate healing. Not directed at a specific problem or illness, it uses the universal intelligence to interact with healing frequencies in your highest priority. Cynthia has seen many miracles with this modality and she has been a conduit of these frequencies since 2010.


This process uses 31 points on the head to clear blocks and open you to what else is possible. When you are able to get out of your own way, new possibilities naturally flow into your existence, aligning you with your intentions. These 31 points connect to “bars of energy” and when they are run, they assist you in erasing stuck energies that may be subconsciously keeping you from your ultimate joy.


Cynthia has been naturally intuitive her whole life. She uses Tarot as one of her tools to help you understand your relationship issues. As an intuitive life coach, she uses this modality to empower you in your next steps and align you with your relationship goals. She does not use this powerful tool to disempower you or give you fatalistic news. Tarot is simply another tool to connect with the divine in order to guide you in your best and highest good.